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Is there a travel fee?

Travel costs are included for parties within the city limits of Colorado Springs or Monument. For parties outside this area, such as Falcon, Peyton, Fountain, Security or Widefield, we charge a reasonable travel fee based upon time and distance. Contact us for rates. 

What ages are best?

We celebrate with children ages three and up, with the most common ages being four to seven. You know your child best. Some 3-year-olds may be very social and ready for a party, and others may be too shy to enjoy it. Also, some 8- to 10-year-olds are thrilled to have a party, while others that age are no longer interested. 

How many children can attend?

To maximize the quantity and quality of interaction with the princess character, our birthday packages are designed for up to 10 children, including the birthday child. Because additional participants lengthen the time required to complete some activities, there is a $5 charge for each additional participant. Please note that we only charge for additional participants who actually attend. We generally don't charge for infants or toddlers who are too young to participate, or older preteens or teens who do not choose to participate. Please note that if a guest participates in one or more party activities, such as the meet and greet, dancing, games or photos, they are considered a participant.

Should party guests wear costumes?

Please encourage all your party guests to wear costumes; it’s a good idea to put that in the invitation. Ask girls to wear their best dresses, tutus or princess costumes. If there will be boys present, encourage them to wear costumes as well, even if they don’t fit the theme of the princess party. Children love to wear costumes, and this will build excitement.

Can we celebrate two birthdays at the same time?

Yes, we have done double and even triple birthday parties. There is a fee of $10 per additional birthday child to cover the additional coronation tiara.

Can we have more than one princess?

To keep our quality consistent, we currently offer only one character at a time.

How far in advance should I book?

As soon as you decide to book a party, give us a call to see if your date and time are available. Clients book anywhere from three months to several weeks in advance. Last minute party? Call us, we may be available.

How do I guarantee my party date & time?

A $50 nonrefundable deposit and signed contract reserve your date and time, so be sure to finalize those details before you send out invitations. 

When should I plan for the princess to arrive?

As a general rule of thumb, plan to have the princess arrive 30 minutes after the party start time on your invitation. This ensures that all your guests are present and ready for their princess experience.

Should the princess be a surprise?

That's entirely up to you. However, kids love surprises and it adds to the excitement…just be sure to videotape our entrance to capture their expressions!

How do I prepare?

Please provide an indoor, clean, nonsmoking room cleared of tripping hazards with enough empty floor space for party guests to sit in a large circle and move around for dancing games. You may need to move some furniture to the sides or out of the area. Please provide a regular dining room chair without arms at the front of this party area along with a small side table or place to put portable speakers.

Do I need to decorate?

You may decorate however you desire, but decorations are not required. 

Do you provide cake?

No, we do not provide party cakes, but we can refer you to some amazing custom cake providers. 

What about pets?

Due to potential allergies and tripping hazards, pets must be caged or confined to areas away from the princess character(s) and party activities.

When do I serve food & drinks?

Consider serving guests a small snack and beverage before the princess character arrives. Because food and drink distract children from party activities, please plan to serve the remainder of food and drinks after the princess leaves. Please keep all food and drink other than water away from the party activities.

Can I take photos and videos?

We encourage you to take plenty of photos and videos. Please feel free to share them with us so that we may post them on our website or Facebook page. If you post photos or videos on social media, please include a reference to our company name or web site.  

Are tips expected?

While tips are never expected nor required, they are always sincerely appreciated by our character actress, who receives them in full. Our actress works many hours in addition to the party timeframe to develop characters, rehearse songs and activities, and become the character through extensive makeup and costuming.

What about inclement weather?

Colorado winters are unpredictable. We will always do our very best to get to your party despite weather challenges. However, if your party is still ongoing and the princess cannot reach your party due to weather, sickness or unforeseen circumstances, you will be fully refunded, including your deposit.

What if I cancel?

If you cancel your party completely due to weather or any other circumstances, the deposit is nonrefundable. However, you always have the option to reschedule your event.