Three princess events in one day...


The second Saturday in December was THE day for princess parties...and to accommodate the many requests, we actually scheduled three events in one day. With lots of planning and preparation, we pulled it off successfully. And at the end of the day...boy, were we tired!


The princess herself got organized for makeup/hair prep and even taped inspiration photos and a schedule to her mirror. Besides the princess herself, the key was having everything ready to grab and go for each event, including camera, batteries, iPhone w/playlists, portable speakers, treasure box, dress-up trunk, and most importantly, our party bag filled with all our gear including makeup, crafts supplies and the certificate, tiaras and wand for each coronation. Yes, we are detail-oriented!

With good planning and prep, the day itself went fairly smoothly. We first attended the pancake breakfast for a meet-and-greet with Cinderella Scholarship Pageant participants (previous post). On the way back, we stopped for a treat. This behind-the-scenes photo shows modern Cinderella with her iPhone and Starbucks!


After a lunch break, it was a fourth birthday party with a darling birthday girl dressed just like Cinderella. Her Grandma held this event at her specialty chocolates business, with themed decor and gourmet treats. 

After this party we had less than an hour to transform Cinderella into Snow Queen.  She quickly altered her makeup to include purple eyeshadow and pinned her hair flat to put on the wig. After braiding the wig, inserting sparkly snowflake pins, zipping the dress and attaching her long cape, we drove to Fountain for the last party of the day. We'll do a separate blog post on that one, but it went well.

While we were truly tired driving back, we felt a sense of satisfaction in the many happy smiles and warm hugs of the day.