Princes Welcome Here!


If you're wondering whether to invite boys to a princess party, the boys at a recent Snow Queen party for Esther's sixth birthday would unanimously vote, "Yes!" Half the participants were boys, and this was for a premium party, which includes everything in our basic party plus dress-up, make-up, craft and a coronation. 

With the exception of make-up (which occasionally a little boy may want applied), all of our activities are fun for both boys and girls. Princess training includes prince training as well, where boys learn to bow and introduce themselves, and everyone loves to dance, wave and twirl.

For dress-up, we have princely attire including vests, sashes, scarves (even one with flames!), breastplates, medals, necklaces and capes. Nearly all the boys had quite a bit of fun picking out which pieces to wear. One boy wore everything...a vest, a cape, two sashes, a scarf, five medals, and several necklaces. Of course the girls love the sparkly and twirly skirts, colorful scarves, pink tiaras, necklaces, bracelets and capes as well.

Because we apply make-up while everyone is doing their craft, the boys aren't left out. Everyone loves making their own necklaces to keep and wear, and there are plenty of beads in all colors, shapes and sizes...even animal beads.