Eva's Second Birthday Party


Many people ask about the best age to do a princess party. We usually recommend ages 3-8, although occasionally do parties for younger princesses who have older party guests. Such was the case for Eva, a darling two-year-old who celebrated today with her "big" girlfriends dressed up as familiar princesses. Eva was pretty excited when Cinderella walked in the door for her princess party.


Eva is so darling. She must be intelligent, because she is so inquisitive. She wanted to see how the music machine worked, how the camera worked, and touch anything that looked interesting. She played some games and was also content to watch her friends play with Cinderella. Eva's mom decorated so beautifully and was dressed in royal attire herself; we love to see moms dress up too! Eva's girlfriends loved the interactive games, especially the magic wand game, which engages young imaginations, as well as the usual favorite, "Ring Around the Princess." You can see from the first photo how Cinderella engages party princesses with well-planned, interactive games.

Eva's party was the first where we presented one of our pretty rhinestone tiaras, available as an upgrade to any coronation. You can see how cute it is in this photo of Cinderella with the birthday girl. What a cutie.